WHERE? The Laboratory = 1992 Honda Civic VX Hatchback (Los Angeles CA)

shot at stunt

LOG DATE 11/11/2014

Acquired a donor car for the project.  A 1992 Honda Civic VX Hatchback


  1. One owner unmolested donor car
  2. 100% of service done at the Santa Monica Honda dealer
  3. 163000 miles not too high for this vintage
  4. Recent transmission rebuild
  5. Recent valve job
  6. Resent brake job
  7. Still has spare, jack and lug wrench
  8. Interior generally in tact: not torn, cracked or stained
  9. Extras that came with the car
    1. Snow chains
    2. Little bag of rope
    3. Some loose change (I returned that to my neighbor)


  1. Bad clutch
  2. Busted axel boot on driver’s side outer, CV joint bad
  3. Issue with brakes (perhaps the MC or servo, need to find out exactly what’s wrong)
  4. Battery acid present in battery area
  5. Lots of dirt inside, outside and in engine compartment
  6. Oxidized paint
  7. Various scrapes, dings, dents, bumps and contusions all over body.
  8. Front bumper mounts not repaired correctly body alignment issues
  9. Rear glass hatch lift support struts failed and lose
  10. Latch handle for glove box door is missing, string is used to operate clove box cover
  11. Cover for luggage compartment missing
  12. Grab Handle to lift rear glass hatch never there (she’s gota have that)
  13. Rear Main seal of engine leaking
  14. Front mail seal of engine leaking
  15. Stereo makes funky sounds

Statistical Data 5th Generation Honda Civic Hatchback 1992 – 1995:

  1. Vehicle Factory Specs: http://www.edmunds.com/honda/civic/1992/features-specs.html?style=3912
  2. Vehicle Coefficient of Drag = 6.16 CdA / .31 Cd FROM http://ecomodder.com/wiki/index.php/Vehicle_Coefficient_of_Drag_List

Historical background of the 5th generation hatchback and it’s development:


Reviews of the 5th generation hatchback


Efficiency Ratings (This is a CA car and so of the two it will be the lesser rating, unless I convert to the Federal ECU):



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