WHAT? Fuel Effiiency Experament


This blog is a the log-book of an experiment, the goal of which is to uncover, test and monitor various measures that one could take to improve the fuel efficiency of a 1992 Honda Civic VX.

The goal is to achieve 60 MPG, average.

Measures under consideration to be researched and tested if deployed:

  1. Freebies or Low Cost Measures:
    1. Tire Pressure
    2. Fuel Grade
    3. Measuring Tools & Driving Style
  2. Where the rubber meets the road:
    1. Tires Type
    2. Suspension and ride height
  3. Engine performance air goes in, exhaust goes out:
    1. Air Intake
    2. Cam Shaft
    3. Exhaust
    4. Other engine tweaks
  4. Weight Management
    1. Weight loss Diet Plan
    2. Body parts trade in for lighter models
    3. Clutch assembly – lighter weight
    4. Front to rear weight distribution considerations
  5. Aerodynamic Modifications
    1. Fluid Dynamics in Solid Works
    2. Wheel Skirt option
    3. Spoilers
    4. Sealing up the cracks
    5. Spoon shaped rear view mirrors
    6. Cam back modification??
    7. Carbon Fiber Body Parts

Modification Constraints:

  1. This vehicle’s purpose is to be a daily driver so it must remain a comfortable vehicle to drive around town on a regular basis.
  2. This vehicle will also be used as a dinghy for an RV so this is also a consideration in the project.
  3. The vehicle will remain able to be smogged and registered in Los Angeles.
  4. This vehicle is to remain street legal according to the rules which prevailed in the time of the build, 1992

Modification Measures Resources:


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